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The Old Dairy at West Lodge

relaxing self catering holiday cottage

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Kitchen Inventory
Below is an inventory of kitchen equipment at The Old Dairy.
If there is anything you think you might need which does not appear on the inventory, please let us know. We might be able to lend you what you need for the duration of your stay.

12 Bowls suitable for cereal, soup, dessert

4 Bowls smaller

15 Large plates
14 Medium plates
8 Small plates
15 teacups and saucers
6 Large mugs

6 Small mugs
Wine glasses - lots
8 Tumblers
2 Egg cups
15 Table forks

12 Small forks
12 Table knives
15 Side knives
12 Dessert spoons
12 Soup spoons
7 Tea spoons

4 Table/Serving spoons


Baking sheet
Biscuit tins 2

Bottle opener

Bottle recycling box

Bread basket

Butter dishes 2


Cake slice
Casserole dish & lid - large

Casserole dish and lid - small
Cheese board & knife

Chopping board small red

Chopping board medium white

Chopping board large glass 2


Clothes pegs


Coffee container


Dishwasher - slimline

Door mat

Dustpan and brush

Egg cups
Egg timer

Filter coffee machine - small

Fire blanket

First Aid Kit - basic
Fish Slice

Fish servers S/S

Frying Pan 2 non-stick

Glass fruit bowl

Grapefruit glasses 6

Grapefruit knife

Hand held blender

Hand towel

Ice Cream Scoop

Ice making tray

Kettle – electric

Lemon squeezer

Measuring Jug
Milk Jug small

Milk pan s/s

Milk pan non-stick

Mixing Bowl large
Mixing Bowls small 3


Oval serving dish white

Oven gloves
Oven/Roasting tin

Pasta jars 2

Pie dish, deep oval
Potato masher
Potato peelers 2

Ramekin dishes 6

Roasting tin

Rolling pin
Salad servers s/s

Salt & pepper grinders

Saucepan - 2 large
Saucepan - 3 medium
Saucepan - 2 small
Saucepan – non-stick
Steamer set

Serving dish small
Sharp knives lots
Sharp vegetable knife
Sieve large
Slotted spoon
Solid Spoon

Sugar Container
Sugar Basin

Table mats 2 sets

Tea container
Tea pots china large & small

Tea pots s/s small 2

Tea towels 2

Tea tray medium 3

Tea trays small 2
Tin opener

Toaster - electric

Vases 2

Vegetable dishes S/S 2

Waste bins recycling and ordinary

Water jug

Weighing scales
Whisk - small

Wine cooler

Wooden spoons 3